When you accepted Jesus, God gifted you with spiritual gifts to use in His ministry. We want you to feel comfortable and equipped to use those gifts when you serve.

Ready to learn about your spiritual gifts?

Step One

First, watch this video to hear what exactly a spiritual gift is:

Step Two

Now it’s time to identify your spiritual gifts by taking our Spiritual Gifts Assessment.


Step Three

Once you’ve received your results via email, please watch this video to help you understand what they mean.

Step Four

Keep an eye out for our Discover Your Spiritual Gifts class to further identify your personal style, passion, and choose to have one-on-one coaching. This course can provide valuable insight into how uniquely God created you. However, if there is not currently a course being offered, in the meantime, feel free to contact our office by phone (763.295.5511) to inquire about meeting with a gifts coach.

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