Worship Teams

For Heaven’s Sake
Leader/Contact: Suzie O’Brien at RLCForHeavensSake@gmail.com
Worship: 1st Sunday of the month
Rehearsal: Sundays 7 PM to 9 PM in the Worship Center
Mission: Touch God’s people through music
Upper Room
Leader/Contact: Tony Wernsing at ResurrectionUpperRoom@gmail.com
Worship: 2nd Sunday of the month
Rehearsal: Tuesdays 7 PM to 9 PM in the Worship Center
Mission: Use our musical talents to create a worship experience that enables the congregation to come to know and experience God, His Grace, His Love, and His Mercy. Being a member of Upper Room means an openness to trust that God has a plan to utilize our time and talent to bring others closer to Him. It is a commitment to the fellow members to diligently grow in our craft and to love and treat one another as family. Members of Upper Room also have a willingness to go beyond our comfort levels to grow as an individual and as a whole to elevate the worship experience at Resurrection.

Family of God

Leader/Contact: Kara Sloneker at RLCFamilyofGod@gmail.com
Worship: 3rd Sunday of the month
Rehearsal: Thursdays 7 PM to 9 PM in the Worship Center
Mission: Lead the congregation in worship and prepare them for the message, lesson, and rest of the service. We like to reinforce the feeling of the message. We help each other grow and develop in an individual faith walk and work on our technical skills. We provide a base/family within the church.

Joyful Noise

Leader/Contact: Karen Lungstrom at RLCJoyfulNoise@gmail.com
Worship: 4th Sunday of the month
Rehearsal: Mondays 7 PM to 9 PM in the Worship Center
Mission: Give the Lord our best and lead the church to grow in Christ through music and worship. We want to move the Holy Spirit in to the lives of those present with us.
Currently Seeking: Percussion/drums, keys, and bassist

For more information on how to join a Worship Team, please contact

Jedidiah Scharmer at