Planning Center Online 101

Resurrection has recently switched to Planning Center Online for our membership database. Our previous program was called Servant Keeper and did not offer nearly as much as the new program. Planning Center has many different chapters to it, including: Check Ins, People, Registrations, Resources, and Services. What do all of these chapters cover? Read below for a description of the chapter, what we use it for, and what this means for you.

Check Ins

As of right now, Check Ins are only being used for the Pathfinders students. Check Ins are interlocked with Registrations and create a much safer tracking system for your child. We use Check Ins for attendance tracking as well. When you bring your child into church on a Sunday morning, you have to check your child in before bringing them to their Sunday school classroom. When your child is checked in on a tablet, a name tag with a security code is printed for your child to wear. You as a parent get to keep a separate sticker with the security code. Before your child leaves Sunday school, a teacher will double check that you have the same code as your child. 


The People chapter is the membership portion. This is where we can keep track of your contact information and your membership status. We also keep track of your giving records here as well. Using the People chapter, we can see what you have been involved in, keep track of your volunteer interests, and your changing family status. People also connects to our Registrations. This makes your registration process easier because you won’t have to enter your contact information in each time you register for something. We ask that you keep us updated with new phone numbers, email addresses, and address changes so that our system remains accurate. 


Gone are the days of website registrations! Planning Center’s Registrations are easier and friendlier to an average user. Registrations allow us to create different attendee types, capacities, add on costs, and permission forms. When you click on a link to register for an event, Planning Center will ask for your email. They will then send a personalized coded link to your personal email. This link will bring you to the actual registration. Planning Center does this to make sure your personal information is being protected. You will then register and receive a confirmation email. It is important you keep this confirmation email until your event/class is over. If the event/class requires payment/permission form, you will receive reminder emails until your payment is made and forms are handed in. Please keep these emails as well because they contain a link to access your registration. It is important to know you can contact the office at any time with questions.


Resources on Planning Center allow us to keep track of the building usage we have. We are still working on this piece and creating online event/building usage requests.


Services on Planning Center have been used to organize our Sunday mornings for a few years now. Services allow us to contact our Faithful Servants, plan our Sundays step by step, and keep details aligned and updated. We can plan Sundays out for months and format it so each second matters.