If you miss a week you can catch up by listening to the message and completing the message / sermon notes. Don’t forget to do the weeks activity in your journals too! 
Print this out and use it as you are listening to any of the messages!
MESSAGE WEEK 1 – The Old Testament – Adam and Eve – Light in the Dark. 

MESSAGE WEEK 2 – Noah and the Ark – God Remembers Noah – God Rescues Us. 

MESSAGE WEEK 3 – Father Abraham & Sarah – God Keeps His Promise – We Are Part of God’s Family.

MESSAGE WEEK 4 – Abraham & Isaac – God Provides – A Test of Faith. 

WEEK 5 was a “Fun Night”. No Message for week 5. 
MESSAGE WEEK 6 – Joseph’s Journey to Egypt. 

MESSAGE WEEK 7 – Moses and The Exodus. 

MESSAGE WEEK 8 – The Tabernacle & God’s Presence. 

MESSAGE WEEK 9 – Joshua. Be Strong and Courageous.

MESSAGE WEEK 10 – Samson. God’s Strength. 

MESSAGE WEEK 11 – David the Shepherd – A Heart Like His. 

MESSAGE WEEK 12 – King David – God’s Kingdom. 

MESSAGE WEEK 13 – Queen Esther – For Such A Time As This. 

MESSAGE WEEK 14 – Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego.

MESSAGE WEEK 15 – Jonah and the Great Fish. 

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