6th – 9th Grade Cross Training, Confirmation! 

During September through April our Cross Training leaders and students meet Wednesday nights from 6:15 – 7:30 p.m. at Resurrection.  This ministry takes our youth on a four year journey through both the Old Testament and the New Testament. They also learn about the life of Jesus, explore basic Lutheran theology, and discuss the challenging questions where life and faith meet.

Youth will…
  • Experience the love of Christ through a variety of activities, retreats, servant events, and fellowship.
  • Build friendships with peers and caring adult small group leaders who are genuinely interested in their faith journey.
  • Be able to express their faith through small group time, service projects, fellowship and song.
The Cross Training Experience.

A typical Wednesday evening begins with an optional dinner followed by a larger group worship with live music, announcements, games and a lesson. Students then transition to small group time, led by an adult volunteer, to talk about the evening’s teaching.

*Students are assigned to a small group based on grade and gender. Small groups are established each year for incoming 6th grade students. Students may submit 1-2 buddy requests during registration. Returning students remain in their small group through 8th grade.
Our Cross Training Curriculum.
6th – 8th Grade.  
We run a three year rotation model. Youth are welcome to join at any point during this three year faith development program. If you are joining as a 7th or 8th grader we can help you get caught up! 
davidOld Testament Year – We believe it is important to teach the youth the whole bible and be reminded how God worked and was faithful in the old testament! During the year we’ll travel through the entire old testament. Some of the characters we will take a deeper look at during the year are Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samson, King David, Daniel & Jonah as well as others! We relate each topic to Jesus and discuss how these stories relate to us today! 
jesus-on-cross-silowhetNew Testament Year – This year connects the youth to the powerful message and life of Jesus Christ. We first walk through the life of Jesus starting from his birth right up to His death and resurrection. The youth then dive into the book of Acts and learn about the first church and the Apostle Paul who would become one of the most influential leaders and writers of the new testament! We end our year discussing some of the great letters found in the end of the New Testament and discuss what they mean for us today. 
what-are-ten-commandments_472_314_8010 Commandments, Apostles Creed, & The Lords Prayer Year – This year the youth will dig through the 10 Commandments, the Apostles Creed, and The Lords Prayer. We will open up and dissect each one of these important foundational doctrines, lessons and prayers of the Christian faith.  Together we will learn where they came from and ask important questions pertaining to how they each relate to us today. 
9th Grade Cross Training. 
Students in 9th grade continue building relationships with the whole 9th grade class as well as small groups. They will dive into the exciting Teen Alpha Series. All designed to help them continue to ask the question “What does it mean to have a faith for myself?”  By addressing real life situations and topics teens face, it is our hope that they will realize how faith in Jesus Christ can help them in all aspects of life. During this year the 9th graders will also be crafting their faith statements and reading them to their family and peers at the end of the school year. Built into this year are also special meetings with the Senior Pastor, Council President, & Adult Spiritual Growth leaders. The 9th graders are encouraged to attend the 9th grade retreat during the year as well as fellowship events and service opportunities! The Life Together 10th – 12th grade will join them from time to time for fellowship events and to help them make connections with the next level of their faith walk, Post Confirmation!
Confirming Your Faith Celebration! 

confirmation webpage dove

Each church that practices confirmation does so a little bit differently. Here at Resurrection we want it to be a special time for you, your family, and the community of faith that you’re part of!

To be confirmed you will need to take part in a Confirmation celebration at one of our worship services. You can do that on a Wednesday night at Cross Training, or during one of our Advent & Lent services, or during one of our Sunday morning worship services! The choice is yours! Youth may be confirmed anytime during or after their 9th grade year! The choice is yours! So are you ready to be confirmed?


Contact Matt or Krissy with any questions.
Matt (Youth & Family Ministry Director)  mmetz@resurrection-mn.com 
Krissy (High School Youth Director)    Kganz@resurrection-mn.com 
The Program’s Hope for your student’s involvement!
Below is a list of activities, good habits, gatherings, retreats, service opportunities and more that are all part of the program! It is our desire to help the youth grow in Christ Jesus. We believe that if your youth participates in the following opportunities they will have the best chance of growing strong, deep roots in Jesus Christ and live a life of faith! 
6th – 8th Grade Good Habits.
  • Publication6Bring your bible every week! (Psalm 119:1)
  • Participate in a weekly supplied “at home” devotion youth can do on their own or with parents! (Joshua 1:8)
  • Agree to the Behavior Agreement and Expectations each year. (Romans 13:1)
  • Participate in Large & Small groups on Wednesday nights every week. (Hebrews 10:25)
  • Participate in Feed My Starving Children and another Spring Servant event. (James 1:27)
  • Participate in the Faithful Servants program (see below) by serving at church at least 3 times during the school year. (Ephesians 6:7)
  • Attend Middle School Fall Retreat (Optional) (1 Timothy 4:8)
  • Attend Advent services and attend Lent services. 
    • Help serve at 1 Advent & 1 Lent service with & when your small group is scheduled. (Psalm 107:31)
9th Grade Good Habits.
  • middle treeBring your bible every week! (Joshua 1:8)
  • Participate in weekly gatherings with the Life Together High School Group. (Hebrews 10:25)
  • Participate in the Faithful Servants program (see below) by serving at church at least 3 times during the school year. (Ephesians 6:7)
  • Attend special meetings with the Senior Pastor, Council President, & Adult Spiritual Growth Directors.
  • Write your “Faith Statement” paper. 
  • Read your “Faith Statement” paper at our “Night of Faith” event with your fellow 9th graders and families present (Romans: 10:9-10)
10 Grade Hopes.
  • full treeKnow and believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and savior with a desire to follow Him.
  • Attend the confirmation service rehearsal. The Saturday before your confirmation service. 
  • Attend, serve, and actively take part in the two confirmation services.
  • After being confirmed 10th graders are encouraged to come to come to High School Youth Group!
Faithful Servants Program & Requirements. 6th – 9th Grade.


All Cross Training students are required to participate in the Faithful Servants program.  Each student is asked to serve in the position of his or her choice three times during each school year.  It is exciting to see our Youth become more active at church by learning to serve others at worship.  Positions include Usher, Greeter/Offering Help, Lector (scripture reader), Kitchen Assistant, or Communion Assistant.  Some students may decide to serve by helping in the nursery or assisting adults in the Pathfinder Sunday school program as well.  For more information about position descriptions, training and scheduling, please CLICK HERE.


Meal Time
5:45pm – 6:15pm Most Wednesday Nights. 
Most weeks youth and adult volunteers are invited (optional) to enjoy a meal together before all the Wednesday night activities begin. This is a great time for fellowship, food and fun! 
We ask that each youth participating in Cross Training sign up to bring a few items each year! 
Youth Worship Team. 6th – 12th Grade. 
Youth who like to sing or play an instrument are invited to be a part of our Youth Worship Team. This group helps lead the youth in worship during our Cross Training  Large Group time together. Older youth in 9th – 12th Grade will also get the chance to lead the High School program in worship too! We are looking for Drummers, Guitar Players, Singers, Bass Players, and Keyboardists. Join the team today! 
After you’re confirmed stay connected in our High School program “Life Together”! 
Life together blueIt is our hope that after confirmation the youth will keep participating in the “Life Together” program on Wednesday nights. The High School enjoy fellowship events, service events, retreats, and weekly gatherings on Wednesday nights that include worship, a message and time for games and fellowship.