Pathfinders Kids Sunday School


Kids grow, that’s for sure. Their hair, their feet, their vocabulary and their understanding of things is constantly growing. How do we help them grow in their faith?
Pathfinder Kids is dedicated to laying a firm foundation of faith and knowledge of who Jesus is through playful and fun worship, Bible stories, prayer, and service. Because as their bodies and minds continue to grow, we want to be sure their faith is growing too.

Our Schedule

Pathfinder Kids is offered during both the 9:00 am and 10:30 am worship on most Sunday mornings from Labor Day to Memorial Day at Resurrection.

What to Expect

Plan to arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start of Pathfinder Kids to check-in, find your child’s classroom, and meet their teacher.
We use a computerized check-in system that issues a name tag and security number for each child attending Pathfinder Kids. We require all parents/guardians to stay onsite at Resurrection while their child attends Pathfinder Kids on Sunday mornings.
Classes are broken out by age and all classrooms are conveniently located down the Spiritual Growth Hallway. Age breakouts for 2018/2019 Pathfinder Kids include:
  • Pre-K (3 years/potty-trained to 5 years/not in Kindergarten)
  • Kindergarten
  • 1st and 2nd grade
  • 3rd and 4th grade
  • 5th grade
Pathfinder Kids teachers have gone through a background check, been trained in child safety procedures, and have a deep love and devotion to both God and kids.
Kids in 2nd through 5th grade are encouraged to bring their Bible and a pencil to Pathfinder Kids each week.
And now to the most important question…

How FUN is Pathfinder Kids?

Each week of Pathfinder Kids is jam packed with fun activities; loud music in large group worship, interesting Bible stories, crazy games, entertaining crafts, Serving on Sunday service projects and so much more.
Church is fun for kids when they are allowed to be kids. So come all of you kids who are silly, goofy, and full of energy. You are welcome here at Pathfinder Kids.

Family Ministry

Pathfinder Kids knows that that primary place faith is built for children is with their family in the home. Our goal is to partner with families so that they are equipped to continue the conversations started in Pathfinder Kids at home during the week. Just think of the impact it will have on kids if they are hearing the same message reinforced at home that they hear at church on Sunday.
With that in mind, we ask families who register for Pathfinder Kids to make a commitment to participating in their child’s spiritual growth by reading the Bible at home, praying with their children, and helping them complete take  home activities they receive in Pathfinders Kids.
We encourage parents/guardians to volunteer each trimester (fall/winter/spring) in our children program or in another area at Resurrection. And lastly, we provide Family Follow Ups for each week of Pathfinder Kids that families can use to continue the conversation at home.

Registration for Pathfinder Kids 2018/2019

There is no cost to attend Pathfinder Kids and all are welcome!

Resources for Pathfinder Parents

Pathfinder Kids Family Follow Up
Memory Verses


Do you have a passion for kids and a passion for Jesus? If so, we would love to have you on our volunteer team as a teacher or a classroom assistant.
View our volunteer job description for a Pathfinder Kids teacher/classroom assistant