Our nursery provides care for children from the ages of birth up to 4 years old. We provide a safe, loving, and fun environment for children while their parents attend our worship, bible studies, and/or classes.

When is the nursery open?

The nursery is open on Sunday mornings from 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM. We also provide care for our bible studies and classes that meet on Resurrection’s campus.

How safe is your nursery?

Our number one goal for our nursery is to provide a safe environment. Our nursery is staffed by both paid attendants and volunteers. Each of our attendants has passed a Minnesota State Background Check. Our attendants always work in a team of two and they are never left alone with a child. In the case of an emergency, you will be contacted ASAP.

What does it look like the first time dropping my child off?

We ask that you allow a few extra minutes your first time using the nursery so that you can fill out a one time registration form. This form must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian.
When you come into the nursery, a parent must sign in the child. Your child’s belongings (diaper bag, jacket, etc) can be placed in a cubby. Please be sure to mark your cubby number on the sign up sheet. Give your kiddo a hug and go enjoy worship or your study!

What if my child has a small cold?

We understand that sickness happens, especially in the winter! If you are unsure whether your child is well enough, please click here to view our Well Child Policy.

How do I become a Nursery Volunteer?

While we do have paid attendants, we love additional help and volunteers! Please click here to view the volunteer job description. If this sounds like something for you, then please fill out the contact form below.

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Do you have experience working with children? If yes, please provide details:

Nursery volunteers must be 14 years or older, could you please specify your birth date? Please use MM/DD/YYYY format: