Direct Giving at Resurrection…

What is Direct Giving?

Direct Giving is an automated giving program that is linked to your bank account that gives money directly to Resurrection.

What are the benefits for me to Direct Give?

  • It is convenient and allows you to leave your check book at home
  • The program is safe and is able to stop/start within two days notice
  • The numbers stay consistent which helps your budgeting

What are the benefits for Resurrection if I Direct Give?

  • It allows us to predict consistent revenue throughout the year
  • It gives us confidence in meeting our financial commitments
  • Allows us to plan for additional ministries and programming

Who can I contact with my questions?

Please contact Jody Swanson, our Financial Assistant, at 763-295-5511 or via email at

2018 Pledge Cards

Taking Steps – 2018

“The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him…” -Psalm 37:23

For questions about Tithing, please contact Julie Dunn at 763-295-5511 or via email at

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