Faithful Servants

Scripture teaches us that all good things are from God; food, clothing, rain, fruitful harvests, faith, grace, wisdom, and life itself.  The gifts we have received are not ours alone.  God gave them to us for the purpose of serving him, and serving other people.  Each of us has something to share.  We can share our time, our talents, or our treasures.
One of the ways you can share your gifts is to volunteer at church.  You can share the gift of your time and talents by joining a Faithful Servant team.  At Resurrection Lutheran Church, our Faithful Servant teams work together every Sunday morning to ensure our worship services run smoothly.  Our goal is to make all guests feel comfortable by welcoming everyone who walks into our church and offer gracious assistance.
Whether you enjoy working behind the scenes or leading out front, we have many opportunities for you to get involved in this ministry.  Faithful Servant teams include Altar Guild Assistants, Communion Assistants, Connect Corner Attendants, Greeters/Offering Assistants, Lectors, Prayers of the Church Leaders, Ushers, and Worship Coordinators. 
Scheduling for the teams listed above are flexible and posted monthly.  We ask for our member’s availability before writing each schedule.  After joining one of our Faithful Servant teams, you can view our master schedule online.  In fact, you can sign up to serve online as well!
Are you comfortable leading the congregation in prayer at worship?  If so, our Prayer Leader team invites you to join them.  Prayer templates and guidelines are available for you.  Our Prayer team leader would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  This team has a set schedule that is written once a year.  You may choose to lead prayer once or twice a month depending on your availability.
Training Provided
All positions can be learned quickly and training is available as needed.  We will make sure you feel comfortable in the position you choose.  Position descriptions may be found by clicking on each position below.
If you would like more information on any particular position, check out the links below.  If you have specific questions regarding the Faithful Servants in general, please contact Nicole Brown at

Click the desired position below for the position description and sign up.