New Member Class

Resurrection’s prayer is that whether you worship with us just once or make us a regular part of your weekend, your time here would be renewing, enriching and life transforming. You are welcome to worship and participate in the life of this community of faith at any time, regardless of whether you choose to become a member.
However, if you feel called into a deeper relationship with us and would like to become a member of the Resurrection family we recommend you start by attending a new member class. The new member class is a place where you can learn more about us; our mission, our vision, and the ministries of Resurrection to help you decide if membership is a good fit. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know a smaller group of people entering the church at the same time as you and to share in some fun, learning and grow in conversation together. A meal will be served and childcare will be provided at the new member class.
All family members over the age of 15 (including both spouses, if applicable) need to attend the new member class to become a member of Resurrection. If a family member over the age of 15 cannot attend the class, he or she will not be considered a member of Resurrection until they are able to attend the class. Family members who have been baptized or confirmed through Resurrection are already members of the community. Children currently attending confirmation classes do not need to attend and will become members when confirmed.
To celebrate, you will be officially welcomed as a new member of Resurrection on a Receiving Sunday, typically held three times a year. As a member, each January you will be invited to the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting you will hear a review of the activities from the previous year, elect new council members and approve the operating budget for the coming year. Also, as a member you will be eligible to be elected to the church council.

New Member Class Dates:

Due to scheduling, our April class has been canceled.


October 13th, 2019

Receiving Sunday – October 27th


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