Staff Members

Jedidiah Scharmer – Lead Pastor

As the primary teaching pastor, Pastor Jedidiah has a passion for carefully unpacking the truths of Scripture. He was called to serve at Resurrection Lutheran in June of 2010. Pastor Jedidiah trained at Luther Seminary in Congregational Mission and Leadership. Pastor Jedidiah is motivated to reach those who are far from God with the Good News of Jesus.  As a young man Pastor Jedidiah’s life was radically changed through the power of Jesus and His Holy Spirit.  His motivation to share the Gospel and serve those who don’t know Jesus comes out of the new life he now receives from the Lord. Pastor Jedidiah and his wife have three children and now happily reside in Monticello.

Lee Evenson – Associate Pastor
Pastor Lee just celebrated his 65th year of ministry this past April. As the Associate Pastor, Pastor Lee focuses in the Congregational Care ministry. He spends his time visiting and calling those who are facing troubling times. Pastor Lee also leads our monthly baptism classes. Pastor Lee has been with Resurrection since the fall of 1999. He is a part of many prayer groups. You can often find him participating in studies right along side with you.
Ruth Ann Bradach & Andrea Scharmer
Children Ministry Directors
Andrea Scharmer: Although I started as the Children’s Ministry Director in 2017, I have been involved in serving at Resurrection in a variety of volunteer roles since joining the church in 2010. Prior to my work at Resurrection, I was the Executive Director of an educational nonprofit that worked to raise up college students to do cross-cultural ministry, planted a cross-cultural ministry training program in Houston, TX, ran a children’s outreach program in Minneapolis, MN, and in the midst of all that also took some years away from ministry to have a family.
As a wife and mom of three kids myself, my heart is for equipping our families to grow in faith and live out their love of Jesus. My focus in children’s ministry at Resurrection is ensuring kids have a meaningful experience and gain real knowledge of who Jesus is through our Sunday morning Pathfinders program as well as leading our family ministry events. In my free time I enjoy gardening, camping and exploring the outdoors with my husband and kids and finding quiet moments to read.
Ruth Ann Bradach: I feel blessed to be a part of the Resurrection team. My family has lived in Monticello since 2004, shortly after we adopted our first daughter. We joined the church after adopting our second daughter in 2011. I had previously served in the Wednesday night Quest Program for K-5th Grade. I have dabbled with a couple of other volunteer opportunities such as Father’s Feast and cleaning the food shelf every other month, which I continue to do. I had been praying for a while about where I should get more involved in the church and then this opportunity arose. I was happy to help in the interim and am thrilled to be hired on long-term. It has been fun developing with the kids and parents, and I am excited to see where God takes this program as it continues to grow!
Matt Metz – Youth & Family Ministry Director
I have been involved in youth work now for 17 years. My life working with youth began as a camp counselor in the Colorado Rocky Mountains working at Joy Lutheran (elca). After that, I worked with ages 1st grade – 12th grade for my home church in Parker Colorado. I was their Youth Director for 7 great years.  I then joined the YAGM (Young Adults in Global Mission) program with the ELCA Lutheran Church where I met my wife Ashley during training. The YAGM program placed me in Stirling Scotland for a year working with Youth and Young Adults. That year, I was also able to take a trip to Israel and visit many of the holy sites I have read about. Upon my return from Scotland, God placed me in Orlando Florida where I worked with College students, Youth and Families for 5 years at Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church (elca). During my time in Orlando I was blessed to be able to go on a servant trip to Burundi Africa. Through all my travels, experience, and changes, there has always been one thing that has remained the same. People are people and we need the love of Jesus Christ. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be, but one thing I try to do, some days better than others is to point to Jesus’ love and grace for us all. 
Krissy Ganz – High School Ministry Director
God called me to worship at Resurrection in 2008, during a time when I was thirsting for more of God in my life.  

Over the last couple years I’ve felt God has been calling me into ministry in a deeper and more focused way and I believe my position as the High School Youth Ministry Director is a direct answer to many prayers and much waiting for doors to open for the perfect ministry opportunity for me – how much more exciting that it’s with my own church! I have a passion for youth and helping them (and everyone else!) understand the depth of Christ’s love for them. I believe we are all uniquely designed by God for a purpose much bigger than we can ever know. I look forward to helping the high school youth of Resurrection delve into a deeper relationship with God and begin to understand what that purpose may be. Plus, I’m just a kid at heart that loves to play super fun games and spend lots of time laughing with these awesome kids!

Rob Luebbert – Worship & Music Director

Rob has been serving God’s call at Resurrection since 2017. He holds degrees in music composition from the University of Northwestern – Saint Paul (Minnesota) and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and has written numerous works that have been performed across the United States and Europe. As an active musician, Rob enjoys teaching lessons, singing, and playing percussion, drum set, acoustic guitar, bass, and piano.

Aside from church and music, Rob enjoys reading, watching movies, and getting exercise outside with his wife, Tammy.

Julie Dunn – Operations Director
As the Operations Director for Resurrection Lutheran, I feel as though God has been training me for this position throughout my adult life.  Combining banking, office management, sharing my Faith, and a love for meeting and helping people is the perfect fit for my heart here.   I am honored to have this opportunity and responsibility to assist in this kingdom-on-earth work for Him.  Our blended family of four children and eight plus our four dogs, one cat, and one rabbit keep my husband, Greg, and myself busy.  Together, we enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, motorcycling, camping and relaxing on the pontoon with our family, friends and dogs.
Starr Stackhouse – Communications Coordinator
I am serving as your Communications liaison here at Resurrection Lutheran Church. My passion is talking to people and helping them. I knew as soon as I walked into Resurrection that this is the place for me. I know God has sent me here to grow and help. My goal here is to expand my faith onto others and reach out to non members to show them the greatness we hold here at Resurrection. Everyone has a story and I’d like to see a whole story book enter the doors of this church. 
In my free time, I love to sing, read, and act. I’m an avid music lover and cat lady. I am also the aunt to two of the cutest kids in the world. I spend most of my nights talking about God with my boyfriend while we eat cookies. It’s a good life.
Jody Swanson – Financial Assistant

Hello my name is Jody Swanson and my role at Resurrection Lutheran is as part-time Financial Assistant. I am thankful to be a part of this team and to be surrounded by people of faith.

I’ve been married to Carl since 2006 and our blended family is blessed with 8 children. Outside of my time here at Resurrection I enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors, fishing and photography.

Myron Yatckoske & Julie Johnson
Building & Grounds Team
We are delighted to join the staff of RLC as Building and Grounds coordinators!  Julie is a charter member of Resurrection, and Myron has been attending since meeting Julie 7 years ago.  Since joining Resurrection Julie has been active in worship and music, VBS, Sunday School, and mowing.  Myron loves attending the Monday night men’s group and playing his trumpet for worship.  Besides being involved with several community  vocal and instrumental groups, we enjoy making a difference in our REAL jobs.  Myron is a mortgage broker for United Family Mortgage in Elk River, and Julie teaches 3rd grade at Pinewood Elementary in Monticello.  Julie has two grown children (Bjorn and Anne) who were raised in this church.  Myron has three children (Brittany, Jonny, and Alex) and two beautiful grandchildren.  Because we love our church family, serving at church, cleaning bathrooms (Myron), and working in the sunshine (Julie), this position is the perfect fit for us. 

Ministry Directors

Serena Picken – Community Outreach
I am excited to be joining this team which is led by God and to spread His Good Word and love to others! I have enjoyed being the hands and feet of God through other opportunities that He has given me and feel that serving as Community Outreach Director is one more amazing opportunity to use the gifts I was blessed with.  I look forward to helping reach people both inside and outside the walls of Resurrection.  My husband Ryan and I have been members of Resurrection since 2011 and we find ourselves loving it more and more as time goes on. We have four children Olivia (12), Benjamin (9), Savannah (8) and Issac (6), so we stay pretty busy when we are outside of church. I enjoy running races, taking naps and drinking coffee.
Debbie Odell – Adult Spiritual Growth
I have been a member of Resurrection for 17 years.  I live with my husband, Roger and I have 4 children.
Over the years, I’ve volunteered in ministry with a variety of age groups from the nursery, youth, and adults and in many capacities from council, missions, mentoring, teaching, and coaching. My greatest joy is in playing even a small part in helping others grow deeper in their faith through teaching, coaching, and walking alongside them. I’m excited to be part of the ASG ministry and excited for where God is leading us!
Council MJulie Dunn – Generosity
As the Generosity Director for Resurrection Lutheran, I feel as though God has been training me for this position throughout my adult life.  Combining banking, office management, sharing my Faith, and a love for meeting and helping people is the perfect fit for my heart here.   I am honored to have this opportunity and responsibility to assist in this kingdom-on-earth work for Him.  Our blended family of four children and eight plus our four dogs, one cat, and one rabbit keep my husband, Greg, and myself busy.  Together, we enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, motorcycling, camping and relaxing on the pontoon with our family, friends and dogs.
Nicole Brown – Faithful Servants Coordinator
Nicole has been our Faithful Servants Coordinator since February 2017. Nicole spends her time organizing the faithful servants schedules and volunteering as a Worship Coordinator on Sunday mornings. Nicole is married with two beautiful girls. Her daughters are a part of Pathfinders and Cross Training, they also volunteer as faithful servants. 

Council Members

Mark Parnell – President
I have been a Member of Resurrection Lutheran Church For 6 yrs. I am married to my lovely wife, Beverly Parnell. We are a blended family. Beverly has two daughters, Courtney (24) and Maddy (20). I have two boys, Ryan (34) and Steve (29). My son Ryan is married to Sara Parnell and they have four children, Ariel, Hailey, Sampson and Lily. My son Steve is married to Brennana.
During my years at Resurrection, I have attended Via De Cristo, Alpha, a few Men’s Retreats and Financial Peace University. I am also involved with a Couples Renewal Group, Faithful Servant’s.
Deanna Anderson – Vice-President
Deanna has been a member of Council for a few years now. She is married with three beautiful little girls. Deanna has been a member at Resurrection for four years and is huge help for us. We love having her on our team.
Alex Oelkers – Treasurer
Alex and his wife Beth have been members at Resurrection since the year 2000. They have two beautiful daughters and participate in a lot of outside ministries. Alex and his wife are facilitators for Adult Spiritual Growth classes along with attending classes themselves. They both volunteer greatly within the church to help spread God’s Word.
Chris VanHofwegen – Secretary

Melissa and I have been with Resurrection for over 20 years.  We are one of the “original” families of the church.  We have 3 boys, Shaine, Skyler and Logan.  I have been a very active member of the congregation.  I have been a Sunday school teacher, I am a part of the Contemporary  Worship Team, “For Heaven Sake,” I help with confirmation, Life together, sound board operator, Alpha Team leadership, Vacation Bible School, reader, prayer warrior, Via de Cristo, or wherever there is a need, I try to help fill it.  I am also a fool for Christ.  He calls, I go!! 

I work as Minnesota’s Military Funeral Honor Coordinator.  I am the states leading expert on all things Military Funeral Honors.  I am also a Boy Scout leader.  My hobbies include family game night, computers, camping, fishing, bike riding, movies, sports, spending time with friends and family.

Cheri Affeldt – Member at Large
 I joined Resurrection in 2002 when we had our son Jon baptized. I taught Sunday School from about 2004 until 2019, then switched to Cross Training for my oldest Gabe, and next for my son Jon – who was confirmed Spring 2017. I’ve helped with VBS, funerals, attended studies and am part of a Life Group. I’ve been a “Member at Large” on Council for 5 years. I have been married to my husband Bill for 25 years. Our two sons are Gabe (19) and Jon (15). We are a baseball family – all the boys play and I’m their biggest fan! We have 1 golden retriever and two cats. We enjoy the outdoors – fishing, hunting, hiking, snowboarding, and skiing!
Jim Swartwood – Member at Large
Jim and his wife Anna have been members at Resurrection for seven years. They have two adult sons together. Jim is not only a member of Council, but he also facilitates Adult Spiritual Growth classes and is a huge volunteer help to all ministries. He is an avid faithful servant as well.