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“Meeting you where you are … but not leaving you there.”

Resurrection Lutheran Church meets you where you are on your faith walk with life-transforming experiences that help you mature as a disciple of Christ.

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Visiting Us

New faces are always welcome at Resurrection, so please come and worship with us.  Know that each of us at one point walked through the doors of Resurrection for the first time and can remember how intimidating that can be.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for your visit …



In 1990, Pastor Robert Rusert was called as a mission developer to plant a church through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) in Monticello, MN. At the time there was only one ELCA church in Monticello and much growth was projected for the area in coming years. Pastor Bob had never started a church before, but felt strongly called to the challenge. After moving his young family to the Monticello area, Pastor Bob began to meet the community leaders, compile notes and set up his office at the local public library.


Leadership Team

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Worship throughout the week at Resurrection seeks to honor and glorify God through the creation of life-transforming experiences that engage all worshipers.  We do this through the creative use of music styles, media, drama and art.




At Resurrection we hope that whether you worship with us just once or make us a regular part of your weekend, we pray that your time with us would be renewing, enriching and life transforming.  You are welcome to worship and participate in the life of this community of faith at any time, regardless of whether you choose to join as a member.



At Resurrection, we believe Holy Baptism is more than water.  It is God coming to us, forgiving our sin, delivering us from death and the devil, and giving us eternal salvation as believers of His promises.



At Resurrection we believe that a wedding is a time of worship, a time to proclaim the Good News of Jesus and a time to celebrate.



Please contact the church office at   763-295-5511 to inform our staff of the death in your family.  A pastor will contact you to meet with you and your family and assist with funeral service preparations.


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